Patrick Cartelli and Evan Barden holding microphones on the QED stage.

Show Alert! The Top 10 Songs of 2019

We’re celebrating the end of the year by counting down the ten best songs of 2019…according to our hilarious guests. We’ll be joined by seven of our favorite comedians as they present their favorite songs of the year. After everyone gives their presentations, the Repeater hosts will rank the top songs of 2019!!! Come and vote for the audience choice!

When? Sunday, 12/29, 7:00 pm

Where? QED, 27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11105



  • Milly Tamarez (NPR, MTV, Vice, BET)
  • Brooks Allison (UCB, Black & Blonde)
  • Chrissy Shackelford (Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas)
  • Molly Kiernan (Russian Doll, MTV News)
  • Juan Nicolón (Flama, UCB)
  • Jordan Randolph (Magnet Theater, Six Story Walk Up)
  • Peter Johnston (The Late Show, Story Pirates Podcast)

Plus live music from Boy Brooks!

Fresh off the heels of season three, we’re back with a new LIVE SHOW this Monday, April 29th, at Q.E.D. It all goes down at 8:30 p.m. For this edition of our countdown, we’ll be bringing you the best songs of 1997. The year that brought us the film Titanic, Princess Diana’s untimely passing, a Mars rover, and so many other things was also an incredible year for music. Don’t believe us? Let us convince you on Monday.

Our lineup:

Sally Ann Hall (Caroline’s, Left Breast Comedy Hour!)
Anjali Desai (You Should Try Standup!, beauty blogger)
Mic Nguyen (Asian, Not Asian; Hack City)
Harris Mayersohn (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)
Kyle Gordon (Magnet Theater, Boston Comedy Arts Festival)
Nanie Méndez (The Onion, CollegeHumor, UCB)
Tiffany “Ty” Portis (Magnet Theater, BoogieMangia)

Plus, music from My Dark Little Corner, who you might remember from our 2017 Love Songs Only! episode. Check out their performance here:

See you on Monday!!!

(Artwork Ilana Hope:

With Morbid Stuff, PUP invites you to careen into chaos with them.

Saint Vitus was packed the first time I saw PUP. By this point, I had all but worn a hole into my copy of their self-titled record, and I was excited to see it performed live. Most of the crowd had also been at Chumped’s final show at Suburbia the prior weekend. Saying goodbye to something special was hard, and I was struggling to figure out what was next. I was feeling overwhelmed by New York and lost creatively, but I knew that seeing music would help. Little did I know how intense of an experience it was about to be. I leave some shows wanting to learn the bands’ songs, then there’s PUP—PUP came crashing in and made me want to do everything. In the cab ride home that night I remember saying “I want to go to shows forever. I don’t want this energy to go away.”

PUP has honed their sound on Morbid Stuff, providing a familiar sound and delivering a crushing exploration of mental health. Morbid Stuff calls out depression, anxiety, and highlighting overwhelming, obsessive thoughts. What if everything goes wrong? What if sadness is my only defining factor? What if the only reason that I am who I am because of my trauma? These thoughts can spiral and easily feel insurmountable.

This album is PUP’s anthemic admission of these demons. Morbid Stuff is a declaration to the storm that “I will make it through this, even if it kills me.” It can be hard to remember that in the moment, but PUP are here to get that in your head. All of the songs feel like they’re punk grown up—talking about life with a little more perspective. The songs about breakups talk about being at the grocery store, eating healthier, and meditation instead of overly dramatic chaos.

I’d be remiss to talk about PUP without specifically addressing how nuanced the instrumentation is, and how much it adds to the album. Morbid Stuff feels familiar within the PUP discography, reinventing the staple sounds and building it into a brisk rager of a record. I appreciate that the first track, “Morbid Stuff,” ends by fading into what could be the demo for the song. The curtain is pulled back and shows the bones of the song and helps establish the unguarded honesty of the album.

Riffs are a high priority as usual, and the interplay of the guitars takes them to the next level. Dueling leads on “Free at Last,” catchy hooks on “Kids,” and ambiance that gives the record a decidedly brooding Canadian tone. “City” closes out the album with controlled feedback and harkens back to “Yukon” off their self titled.

PUP unleashed “Full Blown Meltdown” on an unsuspecting crowd a few months ago. Like “Old Wounds,” anger and frustration fuel this behemoth of a song-a song built for catharsis and more likely an attempt to shatter the earth. The breakdown is restrained, and it’s almost frustrating that it doesn’t continue for a little longer. When the dust settled in Mercury Lounge, I had the same level of joy and excitement as the first time I saw them.

PUP writes music that embodies brutal honesty that has become a motivating force and a soundtrack for my life. The first time I saw PUP it frigid in Greenpoint, and a million degrees inside Saint Vitus. Overwhelmed and excited, I stuffed my coat behind an ATM, pushed my way to the front, and embraced the calamity.

It’s a new year and a new Repeater. Our first show of 2019 features a brand new format that explores our musical pasts as we present a countdown of the top 10 songs of 2009!  We’re inviting 10 comedians to take the stage and prove why their favorite song deserves to be number one. #10yearchallenge!

Evan and Pat will hear out the arguments, learn more about why they picked the song, and learn why it should be in the number 1 spot. After all the points have been made, Evan and Pat will reveal their own rankings, determined prior to the show. Presumably, hearts will be broken!

The numbers 2009 distorted and dancing.

Our comedians:

Addie Weyrich

Crashing, The Marvelous Ms. Maisel.

Addie is a comedian, actor, and writer from Philadelphia. This quote from Time Out New York gives us a pretty good idea about the level of intensity Addie will bring to the song debate: Time Out New York has accurately labeled her as a “lovable loony toon.”

Keep an eye out for Addie on a future episode where we talk about Young Fathers – Only God Knows

Amanda Giobbi

The Social Ones, UCB’s Power Hour & We Love You

You might know Amanda from a previous episode of Repeater where we talked about “Impossible Soul” by Sufjan Stevens. We’re excited to hear what song Amanda is vouching for in this 2009 rundown. Will Amanda bring another 25-minute song? Only time will tell!

Bridgette Rizkalla

UCB’s Lloyd Night

Bridgette is a New York City improviser and comedian that we’ve previously had on the show, discussing “La Vie en rose” by Louis Armstrong, our families, and whether or not Evan should have a daughter right now. With topics like that, we’re expecting Bridgette to have some great arguments for her chosen 2009 hit.

Fumi Abe

Asian Not, Asian, MTV Decoded

Fumi is a comedian, podcast host, and twitter funnyman, which means he is definitely overqualified to rank stuff. Fumi hosts a wonderful podcast called Asian, Not Asian featuring two Asian guys not from Asia talking about American issues no American seems to care about.

Check out this wonderful interview with Fumi on Vulture:

Follow Friday Twitter Interview: Fumi Abe

Pat Sweeney

Pop Punk High School, Gay Future

A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Patrick is a very funny actor and comedian who (did we mention?) also went to college! He has appeared at the Classic Stage Company, the Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre, and the Brick. Plus, he’s a gosh dang Story Pirate!

Rachel Joravsky

Thirsty White Ally, Reductress

Rachel is a comedian, writer, and director living in Harlem but she’s originally from the Big Hot Dog, Chicago, Illinois. She performs all around NYC, but can be seen regularly alongside Rachel Pegram in That Shit RAY, a comedic exploration of the daily hustle.

Taylor Garron

Associate Editor – Reductress

Before she was a big show Associate Editor at everyone’s (especially Evan) favorite satire website, Reductress, Taylor could be seen on television as an incredibly talented child actor/dancer on programs like Zoom, FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman, and Yo Gabba Gabba!! We truly cannot think of a better guest for our 2009 show than a former teen celeb.

Tom Sanchez

UCB’s Double Jeopardy, Magnet Theater

The New York Times has described Tom as “effortlessly hilarious” and we agree 100%. You may recognize his name from a past episode where we talked with Tom about the Harvey Danger track “Flagpole Sitta,” but if you’re brand new to the Tom Sanchez beat, let us just tell you that it is filled with joy and pizza.

Our Musical Guest!

Kaylyn Marie Scardefield

Joe’s Pub, Rockwood Music Hall

The multi-talented Kaylyn Marie has independently released her debut EP “Where I Need” to a sold-out Joe’s Pub,  held residencies at Pete’s Candy Store and Rockwood Music Hall, received a golden ticket to Hollywood Week for American Idol XV, and was last featured in Steven Spielberg’s “The Post.” However, her biggest credit to date has to be the very first Repeater back in 2015 and that’s why we’re SO thrilled to have her back for our first show with our new format!!

Happy New Year! We’re back to give you our favorite albums of 2018 from our totally biased points of view. These albums ended up here based on how much we listened to them, what they meant to us, what they meant to the world, and how great we thought they were. Unlike last year, we didn’t rank these, so don’t read into the order. These 10 albums all rule and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by checking them out.

– Evan & Pat

Jeff Rosenstock – POST-

Jeff beat everyone to the punch and dropped POST- on New Years Day, 2018. POST- opens with a five-second song that quickly blows away any expectations and drops you into a seven-and-a-half-minute epic that questions his fellow Americans. Lyrically and musically, POST- is Jeff Rosenstock at his finest. To us, it feels like a time capsule of the past few years. Frustration, exhaustion, and sometimes just needing to scream your heart out.

Let’s use that energy that POST- brought us in 2018 and continue it on to the future.

Black Panther: The Album

While not technically a Kendrick Lamar album, Duckworth himself writes and performs on every track (even if he’s not credited) and this soundtrack serves as the most recent project Kendrick’s already impactful career. When was the last time we got a soundtrack like this? Black Panther, the movie, was a cultural phenomenon this year and director Ryan Coogler made a wise move in asking Lamar to work on the soundtrack. Whether it’s a Bay-born anthem for Killmonger, a sweet bop for the women of Wakanda, or a certified SZA banger, this album has something for everyone who liked Black Panther, which should be everyone. It’s Kendrick in Hollywood, Lamar’s latest statement, and we love what he’s done with the place.

illuminati hotties – Kiss Yr Frenemies

This album is exactly what the name suggests. Love songs engineered by a secret worldwide organization hell-bent on getting you to kiss yr frenemies. Sarah Tudzin leads the “tenderpunk” charge with an album containing lyrics like “all my favorite socks have holes in them” (relatable!) and the riffs will get you dancing. Is it mind control? Probably! And we are here for it!!

Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer

To call this Monáe’s breakout album would be disrespectful her previous work, but with Dirty Computer, and its accompanying “emotion picture,” we may be getting the most complete picture of this multi-hyphenate star yet. Featuring several anthemic bops, a treasure trove of R&B and pop influences, and guest appearances from Brian Wilson, Zoë Kravitz, Grimes, and Pharrell, Monaé has given us everything he hoped for with this anticipated release and more. We went to see her live earlier this year in NYC and she brought the house down. Janelle Monáe has arrived, retained her android funk, and grown even beautifully more human in the process.

Screaming Females – All At Once

This New Jersey trio was kind enough to unleash All At Once early in the year to give us time to dive deep and obsess. Some songs on the album are minimal while others ramp up the chaos and become thunderous behemoths. Fuzz cuts through the air and Marissa Paternoster unleashes riffs that rival Black Sabbath.

Listen to it from front to back. Flip a coin and listen to it on shuffle. Listen to every track at the same time. All At Once never gets old.

Camp Cope – How to Socialise & Make Friends

The first track from Camp Cope’s sophomore effort, “The Opener,” does more than *just* highlight how women are viewed in the world of punk and call bullshit on the men that uphold it, but it also serves as the tractor beam that drags you into the rest of the album. While navigating difficult subjects like sexual assault and the loss of a loved one, singer Georgia Maq uses her emotionally expressive voice and a captivating Australian accent to great effect, creating an album that oscillates between gentle and giant. Just one more of a reason to keep a close ear on the punk scene down under in 2019.

Retirement Party – Somewhat Literate

Retirement Party (the best name?) wrote a song about Passion Fruit Tea and it will be stuck in our heads forever. This is not a bad thing, it just happens to be a reality and we love it. Somewhat Literate is full of catchy pop songs that require you to sing along about tea, anxiety, and wondering if maybe you’re the asshole.

Retirement Party played a packed venue at Fest this year and had everyone at The Atlantic dancing. Light your lighters, wave your hands, and belt your heart out about Passion Fruit Tea.

Teyana Taylor – K.T.S.E

How Teyana Taylor does so much with a 23-minute album is truly something to behold. The sultry vocals, the old school samples, the engaging production, the whole damn vibe: it’s all there on this short R&B statement. K.T.S.E is the sexiest thing we’ve heard all year and even has hooks catchy enough to take you right out of the moment. The whole thing was written and produced with Kanye West as a part of his “Wyoming Sessions” and while the jury is still out on his trajectory, Taylor is clearly on the rise.

Mipso – Edges Run

The corner of Americana that Mipso has carved for itself is only getting deeper and richer as they continue to release albums and Edges Run might be their most complex offering yet. Filled with darkness in many of its lyrics, this album balances those words with beautiful arrangements and gorgeous voices from the band’s three lead vocalists. We had a chance to see Mipso right around the time this album dropped and were in awe to witness their stage show that so deftly mixes heartfelt moment with touches of hootenanny. We also got to interview vocalist Jacob Sharp in the studio and record him playing music for with brother Josh live on stage.

Honorable Mentions:

I came across Austin Lucas’ music while I was on a road trip in Arizona. Austin, described as the “Rust Belt punk rocker-turned-alt-country troubadour,“ recently released Immortal Americans which fit the landscapes perfectly.

Processed with VSCO with fn16 preset

Country, folk, and bluegrass still feel like new territory for me, especially in a live setting. Taking that into account and having listened to the album a few times through, I was so eager to see this performance live that I got to Coney Island Baby over an hour early. When I arrived, drenched from the rain, I saw the TVs above the bar playing anime and old punk videos.

It felt like a meaningless observation until Austin appeared on stage wearing a Disfear shirt. The band began to set up making small talk with the crowd. This gradually turned into Austin singing a medley of mic-check sounds.

The “punk troubadour” was here and I knew we were all in for a treat.

Processed with VSCO with fn16 preset

The set opened with a few acoustic numbers. The twang of the guitar cut through the air, making space for Austin to step in and sing. Austin’s voice is powerful and quickly gained the attention of the room.

These songs remind me of driving on a country road with storm clouds looming on the horizon. A deluge of rain seemingly lasts for an eternity until the sun finally burns through revealing a new day.

After a few songs the band joined Austin at the front of the stage to sing with the crowd. The harmonies of their voices filled the room, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. Three people singing that well was a treat to observe and honestly made me want to start taking voice lessons. By the end of the night everyone was chanting and singing along to the choruses of everything. It was friendship and camaraderie in a room of people I’ve never met.

The songs on Immortal Americans are haunting at points and hopeful in others, telling stories about the realities of life, dreams, difficulties, and resilience. It’s an exploration of an American experience and this performance made me appreciate it even more. It was gritty, raw, and the perfect thing for a rainy night.

Hello folks! We’re about half way through the year, so we thought we’d share a few more songs that we’re excited about!

Illuminati Hotties – (You’re Better) Than Ever

The first time I heard this song I knew it’d be an incredible song for the summer. It’s a surprisingly relatable song with lyrics like “All my favorite socks have holes in them” and a bass riff that’s hard to not dance to. Illuminati Hotties are pioneering tenderpunk and we are here for the very fun songs they’ve unleashed. As a bonus, the music video is a lot of fun:

Kitten – “I Did It!”

Poppy, a bit sad, and harkening back while still moving forward, Kitten’s whole 2018 EP is a blast. In all the best ways, Kitten could be the next Carly Rae Jepsen.

Hop Along— “How Simple”

“How Simple” (on Bark Your Head Off, Dog) showcases everything I love about Hop Along – Frances’ meandering vocals, the melodies, and vaguely psychedelic instrumentation are enthralling. It’s hard to not bop your head and sing along to the refrain at the end of the track “Don’t worry we’ll both find out, just not together.”

Daniel Caesar — “Neu Roses (Trangressor’s Song)”

The first half is a rock-solid r&b a cappella song straight from the early 90’s before it transitions to a perfectly 2018 track. It’s a great balance that’s topped off with a bit of dream-like tape playback at the end.

Courtney Barnett — “Nameless, Faceless”

Nameless, Faceless is a powerhouse of emotion. Courtneys meandering lyrics describe a reality she wishes to live in, but mostly the one women are faced with daily. This song does not mince words.

The Internet — “Come Over”

Funky and sexy. Hard to ask for much more.

Gladie — “the problem is us”

This band is probably my favorite rock discovery of the year thus far. This track in emblematic of their extremely promising debut EP and I can’t wait to hear more.

Mipso — “Edges Run”

Evan and I went to see Mipso a couple of weeks ago, and this song was a stand out at the show. The violin melody is beautiful and I love how the vocals flutter throughout the song. Listen to Mipso because they’re nice and beautiful! (And I got a taco sticker from them.)

Randall King – “Mirror, Mirror”

King is bringing back the brand of country music I was raised on and this melancholy ballad is like a little slice of my childhood I am happy to devour.

War on Women— “Lone Wolves”

Lone Wolves is an incredible album opener that addresses the violence of misogyny, transphobia, and homophobia. War on Women are the brutal, cathartic, and motivational force you need. Violence is all too often explained away by dismissing a “lone wolf” shooters actions as an act of a “man scorned by a woman.” This isn’t the world we should live in, and War on Women want to Make America Feminist For Once.

Childish Gambino — “This Is America”

Scary good. Tell somebody.

Goodness gracious! We’re back this Sunday, 5/6, at 8:30 PM, with a brand new LIVE show featuring comedic madman Branson Reese (Cartoon Network, his own damn comics) and musician Matt Costabile (The Planes, Rockets On Wire, Endl’ng). We’ll be talking with Branson about the Jawbreaker song “Want” and hearing music from Matt, which two things that excite us very much. In advance of the show, let’s get to know our guests a little better!

Branson Reese is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and comedian, best known for his webcomics and large online following. A veteran improv and sketch performer at Magnet Theater and UCB Theatre, Branson branched out into regularly drawing webcomics with the launch of Escape From Heaven in 2015. Since then, he has published comics regularly (becoming somewhat of an internet sensation with comics such as Teen Comix and The Person Who Discovered Sharks) and recently launched a site for his newest continuing series, Swan Boy.  His comics have been written about by CollegeHumor, who called him “The Internet’s Weirdest Artist” and has made a notable fan out of comedian Paul F. Tompkins, who posted to his Facebook account, “I like Branson’s comics very much.” He’s also a perfect angel.

Matt Costabile is a Queens-based musician who has played guitar and bass in a number of NYC punk and rock ‘n’ roll bands over the last ten years. Originally from Long Island, Matt has been playing in punk bands just about forever and he loves the goddamn Mets, because those are just the right things to do if you’re from Long Island. We asked Matt to be on the show because he’s the biggest Jawbreaker fan we know and it’s the perfect excuse to get him on stage. We like him very much.

Join us this Sunday to hear why “Want” means so much to Branson to hear Matt cover it live. It’s all going down at QED in Astoria, starting at 8:30 PM. Pre-order tickets for you chance to win some vinyl from Hi-Fi Records!

(In the meantime, subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Radio Public.)

2018 is off to a strong start with new music, with a number of contenders for our year end list, but that’s so far away! Here are our top songs for 2018 so far:

Jeff Rosenstock – “USA”

Jeff is back baby! “USA” is an energetic song that captures how confusing 2017 was and the unknowns of where we’re going. The feeling of exhaustion slowly builds through noise, drums, and a lo-fi keyboard, to a crescendo of emotion reminiscent of Network.

Khalid & Swae Lee – “The Ways”

This lil bop from the Black Panther soundtrack is a laid-back standout on an otherwise dark and hard-hitting album. True-to-form for Khalid, this track works equally well if your bumping it at this beach this summer or find yourself unexpected dancing to it at a bar in the city. Hopefully both!

Superchunk—”Lost My Brain”

I’m mad I hadn’t listened to Superchunk before this album! I’m an idiot! Lost My Brain has a lot going for it in 1:36. Everything from the guitar feedback—a classic cool move that I genuinely love—that incredible punch of the guitar, and Jon Wurster’s driving drums, this song is raw energy with nothing extraneous about it.

Janelle Monáe—”Make Me Feel”

“Make Me Feel” is a song that delivers on so many levels. It’s a feel-good bop that’s fun to dance to and the video is beautifully vibrant. It’s also following in the footsteps of Prince’s “Kiss”, and we are here for it! The best part in our opinion? That delightful key change in the chorus.

Screaming Females—”Agnes Martin”

“Agnes Martin” is an incredibly fuzzy guitar rock song with an opening riff that rivals Black Sabbath. I find myself nodding along to the riff as it carries the song which eventually gains an organ that gives it a classic rock vibe. The song ends with the guitar highlighting the metal-as-hell chorus of “The Sun destroys me.”

Black & Blonde—”I’ll Never Sleep Here Again”

“I’ll Never Sleep Here Again” is a song that’s clear about taking self-reflection seriously and the emotion that brings along with it. This song is relaxing and fits the new york winter vibe. A perfect song to use as your soundtrack for wandering to wherever it is that you’re going. If you like what you hear, they’ll be playing live at our show on 3/18!

Camp Cope—”The Opener”

“The Opener” sets the tone for Camp Cope’s second album *How to Socialise & Make Friends*. We enjoy how the walking bassline leads the song while it covers a wide variety of experiences. The vocals on the song are powerful and explicitly call out the bullshit of the patriarchy.

“Weird Al” Yankovic—’The Hamilton Polka’

Weird Al’s polka medley of Hamliton is an unexpected treat. If you’re not familiar, the polka medleys aren’t the parodys that Al is known for, but they’re equally as fun. This one is a delight! If you haven’t listened to Hamliton by I’m not sure what to tell you… Just go listen!

Most year-end lists try to objectively let you know what the best albums of the year are, either in the industry as a whole or within a given genre. But we’re a podcast about how music affects each of us, so our list is more personal (forgive us, Lorde). These albums are ranked by how much we listened to them, what they meant to us, what they meant to the world, and how great we thought they were. If you disagree, that’s probably good. Make your own dang list. Here’s to a lot more great music in 2018! – Evan & Pat

10. Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

We don’t listen to a ton of rap, but to ignore this album would be to ignore music in 2017. Kendrick’s latest album is a masterpiece. From the soulful opening number to the 3x platinum banger “HUMBLE.,” DAMN. weaves together poignant lyrics, a sonically-diverse backdrop, and Lamar’s killer delivery into a piece of work that grabs you by the ear and refuses to let go. Maybe we should listen to more rap.

9. Early Riser – Currents

This debut album from Brooklyn’s Early Riser (past guest!) is a bit of fun a bit of introspection and ultimately inspiring. The combination of acoustic guitar, cello, and vocal harmonies are endearing and refreshing. Currents is an ardent album that’s passionate when it feels sad, and shining with positive vibes. It perfectly encapsulates existing in this generation, and we love it. It also includes one of our favorite lyrics: “Maybe this is the year, I’ll get a tattoo behind my ear.”
Check Out: “The Nevers”

8. St. Vincent – MASSEDUCATION

Annie Clark is a virtuoso. Everything from the raging glitchy synths, fuzzy guitars, lyrics, and stark still life music videos build to paint a brutally honest and personal album. There are dancey songs about escapism and excess that are paired perfectly with ballads that capture the essence of the people you care about the most.
Check Out: “New York”

7. Feist – Pleasure

Leslie Feist is Canadian comfort music at its best. For those raised during indie’s heyday, Feist has become a constant and reassuring voice. Her latest album lives up to her past with its cinematic arrangements and emotive songwriting.
Check out: “A Man Is Not His Song”

6. Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights

A largely stripped down affair, Turn Out The Lights allows Baker’s voice to take center stage and it rattles you to the core. Most songs consist of only vocals, piano, and strings with no drums on the entire album. With an ability to convey her experience so acutely, this album has become an instant classic of “sad music.”
Check out: “Appointments”

5. Rozwell Kid – Precious Art

On the surface, Precious Art is a goofy album with songs about eating Taco Bell and being turned into a dog. It also happens to be one of the most heartwarming this year. Rozwell Kid nail Thin Lizzy guitar solos in songs about Wendy’s and sing about boogers in a heartwarming love song. It’s an album that’ll get you singing along to every note. Come for the songs about wizards, stay for the delightful song about Michael Keaton.
Check Out: “Boomerang”

4. SZA – Ctrl.

SZA’s debut LP is able to artfully balance beautiful arrangements and ear-grabbing vocal parts with a swagger that’s enviable. All the while, she allows for moments of vulnerability to show through and gets a whole song about pussy in there. This album feels like the breakout success of the year and her recent performances on SNL and Fallon only seem to confirm that she’s not going anywhere.
Check out: “The Weekend”

3. And So I Watch You From Afar – The Endless Shimmering

This album is devoid of lyrics, and at first glance, the only semblance of meaning comes from the album title and the cryptic song titles. Endless Shimmering ranges from thunderous to delicate. Every sound feels deliberately placed, with all of the excess trimmed. This album is a wild ride that is relentlessly positive and in the end, leaves you with a smile on your face.
Check out: “Mullally”

2. Worriers – Survival Pop

Survival Pop makes punk personal. It’s a melodic exploration of relationships, anxieties, and discovering who you are. This album places sentimental memories of being young front and center and makes taking care of yourself something you’ll sing along to at the top of your lungs.
Check Out: “WTF is Sleep”

1. Katie Ellen – Cowgirl Blues

The debut from former Chumped bandmates Anika Pyle and Dan Frelly’s new band Katie Ellen, Cowgirl Blues is our favorite album of the year. At times a raucous affair while also being able to strip back to just vocals and guitar, one thing that never waivers is the sincerity and heart in Pyle’s voice and lyrics. Seeing Katie Ellen play the tiny backroom of a Brooklyn bar was one of our live music highlights of 2017 and they’ve put out an album to match the intimacy of that experience.
Check out: “Lucy Stone”