Pandemic Ed. 002- Brady O’Callahan não fala Português

Brady O’Callahan is back! Brady joined us to talk about comfort music, relaxation routines, and a lot about Brazil. Staying inside has been rough on us all so we talk a little about routines like exercise, coffee, and enjoying our record collections.

Brady’s first comfort song is Azymuth - Vôo Sobre o Horizonte, a stringed, synth-filled romantic montage of a song. He tells us about how he discovered this song and album at a small hole-in-the-wall record store in Rio, Brazil. We get into foreign language music, the instrumental feeling you get from it, and how it changes when you start picking up some words.

Brady has also been listening to Burl Ives - Lavender Blue. It’s a sweet, calming song that shows strength through its simplicity. And, honestly, we’re happy that it’s back to retake “Dilly Dilly” from those clout-chasing fools at Budweiser trying to get Old Spice Weird!

Then there's a bit of saudade for Brazil - Both Brady and Pat visited Traço de União in Pinheiros, São Paulo for feijoada and some music from Bloco Pagu! Small world!


Pat: ímã - ímã de nove pontas

Evan: Amber Mark - Heart Shaped Box & Post Malone’s Nirvana Covers: Videos & Setlist

Brady: Jesse Daniel, “Champion,”// GemsOnVHS™

Pandemic Ed. 001

Well, there's not much more to do during this pandemic than stay inside, listen to music, and record podcasts about it. Pat and Evan catch up on what they've been doing during the pandemic so far and what life has been like since the last season of Repeater wrapped. Join them for tales of couple-isolation, trips to Brazil, and how to lean into Spotify's algorithm. Subscribe for more eps during this time of downtime.

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To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it?

    Evan Barden

    Evan Forde Barden is a writer, actor, and former garage band king living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Originally from Massachusetts, Evan moved to NYC in 2010, where he met Pat and stopped playing music. When he’s not hosting Repeater, Evan makes sketch comedy with Young Douglas. He loves dancing, vegan treats, and NBA basketball. He has never worn a shirt.

      Patrick Cartelli

      Pat Cartelli is a storyteller, performer, and designer based in Astoria, Queens. He co-hosts Repeater alongside Evan Forde Barden. Pat also has a video sketch group called Summer Collider where he directs, writes, and performs. On top of all of that Pat is a Storyteller and can be seen at QED, The Creek and the Cave, and Astoria Bookshop.