Amerie “1 Thing” with Caitlin Brodnick & Gen Wilson

We’re very excited to have Caitlin Brodnick, the author of Dangerous Boobies, on this archival episode of Repeater. This episode was our second ever, recorded in December 2015! Caitlin is our neighbor, we’re roommates, and now we’re all friends!

Caitlin tells us about how she was a sexy baby, admired the confident women, and how men only want one thing! (She never found out what that one thing was). Caitlin tells us about having mean friends and how going abroad was the perfect excuse to live it up. She also tells us about the infamous Rat-kicker, and we attempt lovely British accents.

Topics also include choreographing and singing songs from the Lion King in the living room as a kid, and how that inspired her to get into performing. Caitlin tells us why she moved to New York and how her first time in New York didn’t go as she planned. We also find out how she locked down her husband, and why you shouldn’t ask her for any advice.

The wonderful and talented Gen Wilson played some beautiful songs for us.

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