Hall & Oates “Talking All Night” with Glo Tavarez

March 23, 2018
Glo Tavarez, Evan Barden, and Pat Cartelli wearing headphones and posing with a cable

The one and only Glo Tavarez joins us in the studio to talk about the Hall & Oates song “Talking All Night.” In case you don’t already know, Glo is a Hall & Oates megafan—she’s heard every song, every album, and even seen them live! It hasn’t always been this way though. Glo also tells us about discovering popular music later in life and falling in love with Hall & Oates, hard. It’s a celebration of good, fun pop music. Plus, we talk about the must-see web series “Live From Daryl’s House.

We go one to share stories of artistic mentors and shepherds, with Glo telling us about The Female Gaze, a long-running show she performed in at UCBT-NY, relating how formative and inspiring it was for her. She also describes the catharsis she felt when The Female Gaze put on a show right after the 2016 presidential election and we celebrate the benefits of having a large network of friends in the comedy world. If belly laughs after a long cry are your thing, you’ll deeply relate.

For the back half of the episode, we talk about Dungeons & Dragons! Glo describes the life-changing discovery of D&D and how she became involved in the incredibly fun Second Best: A DnD Adventure Podcast. Pat and Glo talk about the characters they’ve created and it turns into a fun discussion about consistent and evolving characters both in D&D and in comedy.

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