Rachel Pegram, Evan Forde Barden, and Patrick Cartelli taking a selfie

Jonathan Nelson “My Name Is Victory” with Rachel Pegram

This week on Repeater, we’re talking with comedian Rachel Pegram (UCB, That Shit Ray, Low Fi NYC) about Jonathan Nelson’s “My Name Is Victory”, and how it got her through the year, and kept her writing. Pat, Evan, and Rachel talk about the uplifting nature of gospel music, and hash out the “god” of it all.

We open this episode with current favorites like: “Worry” by Grace Vunderkuhn, “No Drug Like Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen, and Noname’s album: “Room 25”. Then we delve back into 2018 head on by planning an impromptu group trip to DC to see the new Obama portraits, which went up in the National Gallery this past year. In less exciting 2018 events, we talk about the northern California wildfires, and why you should not toss a joint after a hike.

Rachel shares with us her connection to gospel music, as both a genre that can motivate her, but also one that grounds her and connects her with her church going childhood in Texas. Rachel and the hosts talk about how the song is a different type of empowering than the strutting jams of a Lizzo or a Rihanna. It’s a song that does not need to try and be cute or clever, but will just make you feel like: “you’ve got this”, something we all could’ve used in 2018.

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