Bruce Cockburn “Wondering Where The Lions Are” with Kyle Gordon

April 27, 2018
Pat Evan and Kyle looking real cool in front of a white wall.

Annnnnd we’re back! Hope you all have been enjoying the start of your spring!

Legendary and delightful funnyman Kyle Gordon (My Dark Little Corner, Magnet Theater) was our guest to talk about “Wondering Where The Lions Are” by Bruce Cockburn. Kyle tells us how he came across this song and how much it means to him. It’s pretty clear that this is Kyle’s song considering how much he listens to it and it’s a tune he relies on to calm him down.

We talk about the excitement of crate digging and how wonderful it is to be surprised by a find. Then we talk about growing up in Westchester and the area’s obsession with hip-hop in high school. Also, how come we don’t hear more accidental Sade if we hear so much accidental Prince?!

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