Lil Wayne “Mrs. Officer” with Kelley Quinn

Today on the internet! Writer, comedian, and Missy Elliot superfan Kelley Quinn (Straight Marriage, Eating Shit and Loving It) is here to talk about Lil Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer,” a song that Wikipedia says, “goes so far as to reference the famous rap song ‘Fuck tha Police‘ (though in a literal sense).” Kelley tells us why she’s been thinking of Lil Wayne recently and shares a story of self-realization en route to a Rilo Kiley show. We discuss whether or not “Mrs. Officer” would be released in 2021 and Kelley sparks a lovely socialist dialogue about defunding the police, abolishing prisons, and medicare for all.

This season, we’re donating $$ to the cause of our guest’s choice! Kelley is a passionate supporter of the NYC-DSA’s Racial Justice working group and their Defund NYPD Campaign. The NYPD’s $10 Billion budget is more than the Departments of Health, Homeless Services, Housing Preservation and Development, and Youth and Community Development combined. It is the largest police department budget in the country. The goal of defunding this department is to reinvest those direly needed funds back into our communities. Join us in donating to the Defund the NYPD Campaign if you’re able to! Do some reading on your own and talk to your friends and family.

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