A Goofy Movie “Stand Out” with Lorena Russi

Lorena Russi joins us in the studio to discuss the song “Stand Out” from A Goofy Movie. This is at least the third time we’ve talked about this movie on the show and Pat finally admits to never having seen it! (Get it together, Pat!) Lorena talks about growing up Columbian in Queens, how her parents tried to protect her, and her fondness for masculine relationships.

Lorena tells us about identifying strongly with Max Goof by drawing similarities to Max and how he relates to various identities. We ask specifically if A Goofy Movie appeals to queer youth and get into a discussion in gender performance among animated animals. We also ask tough questions like “Does this movie still resonates with you, Lorena?” and “Who is Max’s mom??”

Other topics we explore include The Shape Of Water and Hellboy connections, the new Queer Eye, and a bit about Lena Waith.

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