Marvin Gaye “Turn On Some Music” with Devin Gant

Welcome to Season 4 of Repeater! After a deep hibernation and a few bunker episodes early on in the 2020 pandemic, the boys are back in town with actor and writer Devin Gant (Young Douglas, I Ruined My Childhood). Devin brings with him a masterpiece in Marvin Gaye’s “Turn On Some Music” and the whole team dives deep right from the jump. If you’re curious about R&B, boogie, blue-eyed soul, country music, or what makes Long Island punk a thing, this is the jam. Devin shares about his musical journey both in childhood and adulthood and reveals the legend of Logg.

The perfect companion pieces for this episode are two mixes created by Dev himself: AlphaMix Volume 1 and AlphaMix Volume 2, available on Spotify.

Starting this season, we’re donating to the cause of our guest’s choice! Devin introduced us to the charity Education Through Music. This incredible organization helps to provide music education to 50+ schools and nearly 18,000 students. Join us in donating to Education Through Music if you’re able to!

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