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  • Tirzah “No Romance” with Mona Chalabi & Cyberattack

    Tirzah “No Romance” with Mona Chalabi & Cyberattack

    On this latest┬áLIVE episode of the show, we sit down with data journalist and illustrator Mona Chalabi (Guardian US, BBC, FiveThirtyEight) to discuss the song “No Romance” by Tirzah.┬áSince she’s currently not seeing a therapist, Mona asks us to try and give her insight on what this song means to her. This is a first for us and we end up talking a lot about romance, whether or not it’s a necessary part of life, logic as it relates to romance, and what we’re told about love growing up. How much does love matter to Mona and what does the word even mean? She answers these questions while admitting that she is a “really really really hard person to date.”