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  • Pandemic Ed. 001

    Pandemic Ed. 001

    Well, there’s not much more to do during this pandemic than stay inside, listen to music, and record podcasts about it. Pat and Evan catch up on what they’ve been doing during the pandemic so far and what life has been like since the last season of Repeater wrapped. Join them for tales of couple-isolation,…

  • Tirzah “No Romance” with Mona Chalabi & Cyberattack

    Tirzah “No Romance” with Mona Chalabi & Cyberattack

    On this latest┬áLIVE episode of the show, we sit down with data journalist and illustrator Mona Chalabi (Guardian US, BBC, FiveThirtyEight) to discuss the song “No Romance” by Tirzah.┬áSince she’s currently not seeing a therapist, Mona asks us to try and give her insight on what this song means to her. This is a first…