The New Pornographers & Mogwai with Evan & Pat

Surprise! Here’s a bonus episode that was mostly an excuse for Evan and Pat to catch up. They revisit the conversation that sparked Repeater in the first place. “What’s new? What have you been listening to?” The guys chat about Covid, anticipating vaccines and their plans when fully vaccinated. The glimmer of hope for a return to “normalcy” lends a bit of positivity to the understandably tough year.

First up, Evan explores The New Pornographers’ classic “Letter From An Occupant.” He describes how it has the “edge” he was looking for in Indie rock, the boys discuss Canadian supergroups, and dive into the bonkers lyrics. Plus, they shout out the recent Worriers cover and how much of a treat The Old Friends EP is in general—a delightful set of covers to be a little light in a dark year.

Next up, Pat brings a live version of “Hunted by a Freak” by Mogwai. The news of their album As the Love Continues hitting #1 on the charts inspired him to explore their archives and uncovered a collection of tracks from Peel Sessions on BBC Radio 1. Pat talks about vocoders, patience with instrumental music, and what the song title ‘means.’

The privilege of getting vaccinated helped to inspire the idea to promote charities with the show. This week Evan and Pat invite you to join them in donating to Astoria Mutual Aid. Started at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Astoria Mutual Aid aids the people of Western Queens. They assist those in need with groceries, picking up prescriptions, baby supplies, and most recently assisting with vaccination appointments. Solidarity forever!