Toto “Africa” with Annalise Domenighini & Project Diem

On this very excellent episode of Repeater, we sit down with Annalise Domenighini, a social editor and music writer at Noisey, LIVE in front of an audience at QED in Astoria, Queens. Annalise brings with her the only good song in the world: “Africa” by Toto. Annalise’s choice of song spurs a great interview about music that calms us down, Blinkin Park, guilty pleasures, and a bit about where Annalise grew up!

The conversation also touches on music as a form of oral tradition and its ability to amplify the culturally underrepresented (groups like GLOSS and The Hirs Collective). We discuss how there is currently more widespread appeal of music that speaks to a specific group of people and how we can find those artists these days. Plus, we express our appreciation for music that speaks to specific audiences for its ability to widen our own world by listening to bands from outside of our experiences.

Unfortunately, Evan screwed up the recording of this episode and we don’t have any live audio of our musical guest Project Diem, a very fun dream-pop band out of Brooklyn. However, they recorded and released a wonderful cover of “Africa” and sent us a studio track of their own to include in this episode.

Their cover of “Africa” is also available on the incredible compilation NonMutant Presents: Assemble!—available on Bandcamp—all proceeds of which go to benefit the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.