Patrick Cartelli, Mariah Smith, and Evan Forde Barden taking a selfie.

Betty Who “Heartbreak Dream” with Mariah Smith

This week on Repeater, we sit down with comedian, writer, and producer Mariah Smith (Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors, Time Magazine) about Betty Who’s “Heartbreak Dream,” and talk about Mariah’s deep passion for pop, and how her upbringing influenced her current pop culture expertise.

We start by discussing what everyone’s listening to right now, from Pat’s pick of Baroness and their new song “Borderlines”, to Evan’s “Love Supreme” by Nao, to Mariah’s plea for everyone to listen to Noah Reid’s “Simply the Best” cover from Schitt’s Creek. Then we touch on more prominent 2018 moments like the Ethiopia/Eritrea peace deal, and the indictment of Harvey Weinstein.

Pat and Evan dive into Mariah’s 2018 and her love for New Zealand pop star Betty Who. We discuss why Mariah loves the science of pop music, acoustic covers of top 40 hits, and why listening to lyrics is always of the upmost importance.

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