The SteelDrivers “Blue Side Of The Mountain” with Brady O’Callahan

February 23, 2018
Patrick, Brady, and Evan doing cool poses.

World-renowned funnyman Brady O’Callahan (UCB, The Onion) is on the show to talk about The SteelDrivers’ song “Blue Side Of The Mountain.”

Brady tells us about growing up in Ohio and being introduced to country music as a kid, and how he till connects to it as an adult. We discuss the performative and functional roles of cowboy hats as well as Cambodian rock and roll.

Brady describes his evolution as a music fan and how country has made him a more open-minded listener in general. We push back against the people who say they listen to “everything but country” or “everything but rap,” insisting that no genre is entirely bad. Plus, we discuss the perversion of country music and the current renaissance the genre is experiencing, led by a number of politically left-leaning artists. And if country music isn’t your thing, we also explore the appeal of heavy metal and talk more than you’d expect about Kid Rock. Truly something for everyone.

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