Jawbreaker “Want” with Branson Reese & Matt Costabile

On this *live* episode of the podcast, we talk with comedian, writer, and illustrator BRANSON REESE about the Jawbreaker song “Want” and we hear some music from our dear friend MATT COSTABILE.

After introducing us to the song, we chat with Branson about punk music, his one-time devotion to the genre, and coming down from that high horse as an adult. We discuss how the politics of punk seem to returning to the forefront of popular culture amid the current political climate and why that both rules and drools. We find out why Branson, Evan, and probably many others started playing bass and declare firmly that ska is “the Deadpool of music.”

In discussing what leads to Branson’s deep dives into certain subjects, we get INTO IT about the Myers-Briggs test. Branson takes issue with Evan’s claim of being an ENFP and actually has to get out of his seat to lay into the bullshit that is Myers-Briggs. It’s a wild good time. Plus, we ask the universe, “Has Saturn returned to tell Pat to listen to Less Than Jake?”

Finally, fellow Jawbreaker fan, Matt Costabile covers “Want” and plays two songs by bands that no longer exist but are nonetheless excellent. Listen up, sheeple!!!

Branson Reese can be found here:


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Matt Costabile can be found here:

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