Louis Armstrong “La Vie en rose” with Bridgette Rizkalla

We’re joined on this episode by Bridgette Rizkalla (UCB) to discuss the Louis Armstrong rendition of “La Vie en rose.” Bridgette tells us about wanting emotional substance in songs and how, no matter the genre or era, those are the songs that resonate with her. We talk about listening to Arab music with her parents, why Zayn is such a huge deal, and being proud of one’s homegrown celebrities.

Bridgette relates her experience of growing up Egyptian in NYC and the headache of balancing between the Arab and white worlds, never feeling quite like she was enough of either. Then the big question is asked: Should Evan have a daughter right now? This starts as a joke but we end up talking a lot about having kids! Find out who wants ’em and who is happy to remain a cool uncle forever. We discuss family further and reflect on those wonderful humans who raised us.

We return to talking about emotional connection and fidelity in art and also get onto the topic of dancing! Some people love it, some people hate it, but we all agree that it’s an exercise in vulnerability and we draw a connection between the vulnerability of dance to the heightened emotion of pop music.

Catch Bridgette on Wednesdays at UCB East with her team The Outlaw!