Corin Wells, giving a peace sign and sticking her tongue out, next to Evan Barden and Pat Cartelli, mouth agape

H.E.R. ft. Daniel Caesar “Best Part” with Corin Wells

This week on Repeater, we talk with Corin Wells (Above Average, UCB) about “Best Part” by H.E.R. featuring Daniel Caesar. Hear why Corin picked this straightforward and beautiful love song to be the track that got her through the last year and stick around for topics like friendship, relationship songs, and a little James Blake.

To begin, we talk about new music and t0uch on the year that was 2018, discussing how Solange is reviving (doing what Justin Timberlake never could do for MySpace), the heroic Tham Luang cave rescue in Thailand, and the Boots Riley film “Sorry To Bother You.”

Corin tells us about how “Best Part” makes her think of someone in her life that brings her great joy, which was why it was so present in her last year. We touch on the sweetness and sincerity of this song, its simple and stripped down production, and how Pat needs to listen to more obvious love songs.

Speaking on FEELINGS, Corin shares with us that she’s been trying to take notice of what she feels when spending time with different people and how she’s more cognizant than ever of who and what she gives her time and energy to. We also relate to being bad friends and the struggles of long-distance friendships. Finally, we chat relationship songs and, weirdly, songs for people that you’ve never even dated. Plus, Corin shares her a lowlight and highlight of her last year.

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