Janet Jackson “If” with Eliot Glazer & Mikki Hommel

Writer, actor, and classically trained vocalist, Eliot Glazer, uses his best public radio voice to tell us about his favorite song: Janet Jackson’s  “If.” Our friend Mikki Hommel makes her first appearance on the show and performers a beautiful improvised song for you in addition to the “If” cover!

We talk to Eliot about growing up on Long Island, the makeup of the island, and discovering this song. We all agree that the artwork for “Janet” is the quintessential Janet Jackson album cover and how, back in the day, Janet’s portrayal of herself felt more real and important. The genre-bending nature of this song leads to discussing Eliot’s interest in A capella and deconstructing complex arrangements. If not for him, his A capella groups may the continued the widespread obsession with mid-90s banal rock nonsense.

Plus! We ask the hard-hitting questions on everyone’s minds: What is it with Swedish musicians? Who are our generation’s Beatles? Is Lilith Fair our generation’s Woodstock?

There’s also a lot to say about Ashley Simpson.

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