Lorde “Supercut” with Jesse Roth

March 30, 2018
Evan Forde Barden, Jesse Roth, Patrick Cartelli

Jesse Roth is in the studio to talk about “Supercut” by Lorde. According to Jesse, Melodrama is the album of her life. While Jesse’s favorite song on the album changes all of the time, Supercut is the perfect cinematic soundtrack to walking or riding the subway. We’re pretty sure Supercut was made for Jesse.

Prior to this album, Jesse hadn’t really had a favorite artist. Jesse knew Melodrama was different from the start and she’s been obsessing over Lorde ever since. We talk about what it’s like to find music this important to you and the impact it can have. Jesse loves this album because it’s clear Lorde put a lot of work into this album, and you can feel it. We discuss art you connect with, art that inspires you to make your own, and art that inspires you to be excited about the things you’re making.

Jesse tells us the comedy of certain songs, using dance for comedy, and the show where she performed a dance number to Sober.

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