John Prine “I Remember Everything” with Annie Keating

Annie Keating (singer/songwriter, musician) is on the show to chat about John Prine’s “I Remember Everything” and her new album, Bristol County Tides! But, before we get into it, a question for the ages is prompted—who’s hotter: Paul Newman or Robert Redford?

When the dust settles, we discuss Annie’s pick, “I Remember Everything” by the late, great John Prine. Prine is a titan of folk music and you should familiarize yourself if you’re not already a fan.

Annie shares how Prine was a creative catalyst for the songs on her album, spending time outside of Brooklyn, learning to sail, and being honest with her music. That honestly hits another level when we get to hear what it’s like writing a song for someone and what it’s like to play that for them. Then we get introspective and try to pick out our number one albums of all time!

This week we’re supporting The Jalopy Theatre and School of Music in Brooklyn. This school celebrates folk music through festivals, classes, and outreach to local schools. Their hope is to support local and visiting artists all while educating students and whoever attends their shows. So join us in supporting The Jalopy’s cause!

Keep up with Annie on Twitter and Instagram. You can check out Bristol County Tides on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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