LIVE – 5/6 – Branson Reese + Matt Costabile

Goodness gracious! We’re back this Sunday, 5/6, at 8:30 PM, with a brand new LIVE show featuring comedic madman Branson Reese (Cartoon Network, his own damn comics) and musician Matt Costabile (The Planes, Rockets On Wire, Endl’ng). We’ll be talking with Branson about the Jawbreaker song “Want” and hearing music from Matt, which two things that excite us very much. In advance of the show, let’s get to know our guests a little better!

Branson Reese is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and comedian, best known for his webcomics and large online following. A veteran improv and sketch performer at Magnet Theater and UCB Theatre, Branson branched out into regularly drawing webcomics with the launch of Escape From Heaven in 2015. Since then, he has published comics regularly (becoming somewhat of an internet sensation with comics such as Teen Comix and The Person Who Discovered Sharks) and recently launched a site for his newest continuing series, Swan Boy.  His comics have been written about by CollegeHumor, who called him “The Internet’s Weirdest Artist” and has made a notable fan out of comedian Paul F. Tompkins, who posted to his Facebook account, “I like Branson’s comics very much.” He’s also a perfect angel.

Matt Costabile is a Queens-based musician who has played guitar and bass in a number of NYC punk and rock ‘n’ roll bands over the last ten years. Originally from Long Island, Matt has been playing in punk bands just about forever and he loves the goddamn Mets, because those are just the right things to do if you’re from Long Island. We asked Matt to be on the show because he’s the biggest Jawbreaker fan we know and it’s the perfect excuse to get him on stage. We like him very much.

Join us this Sunday to hear why “Want” means so much to Branson to hear Matt cover it live. It’s all going down at QED in Astoria, starting at 8:30 PM. Pre-order tickets for you chance to win some vinyl from Hi-Fi Records!

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