LIVE – 11/5 – Sarah Pappalardo + Reonda

The very next live edition of Repeater is coming up this Sunday, 11/5, at 8:30 pm, and it features Sarah Pappalardo (founder + editor, Reductress) and Reonda (songwriter + multi-instrumentalist). Not only will it be a great time, but it will also be an excellent time.

If you spend any significant amount of time cruisin’ the web, you’ve undoubtedly spotted some of the hilarious headlines and articles that Reductress has been responsible for over the last four+ years. At its helm, along with fellow co-founder and co-editor Beth Newell, has been the incredibly funny and hard-working Sarah Pappalardo. We’re very excited to have her on the show, but like, honestly, don’t take it from us, check out what other people have to say about Reductress:

“Three years ago, Reductress was a likeably scrappy time-filler; now, it’s essential reading.” – Wired

“Yes, you can tell a feminist rape joke. This website just showed us how.” – The Washington Post

“Reductress has become one of the most popular humor sites on the internet.” – Cosmopolitan

“[Reductress] offers the sort of insight into women’s lives that most women’s magazines and blogs purport to provide but often don’t. Like The Onion, its satirical first-person accounts and profiles offer an unsanitized, unsentimental but affectionate picture of modern women.” – Newsweek

Our musical guest, Reonda, is a singer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from the great borough of Brooklyn. Her calming voice is beautifully complimented by appropriately sparse instrumentation, giving the listener a sense of a world far beyond the artist and her guitar. You should 100% check her out on Spotify and buy some music if you like what you hear.

Come on out to see both of our guests this Sunday, 11/5, at 8:30 pm, at the lovely Q.E.D. in Astoria. Tickets are only $5 and if you buy ahead of time, you’ll be entered for a chance to win records from Hi-Fi Records & Cafe. Yahoooo!