Evan, Pat, Maris Kreizman, and Parrot Dream on stage

Concrete Blonde “Joey” with Maris Kreizman & Parrot Dream

Maris Kreizman (Slaughterhouse 90210) brought her favorite sad song with her: Concrete Blonde – Joey.

Joey has been one of Maris’ favorites for years, and even sang it from a porch for the world to hear! We talk about how Maris found herself connecting to sad songs about complicated relationships and thinking she related to them on some level. We talk about aspirational sadness and the cathartic power that sad music has.

The conversation continues to books, learning experiences through fiction, and songs especially when you’re singing along to a song before you even know what you’re singing about. We’re suspicious of people that don’t engage with art and talk about Dan Brown, the Eagles of commercial thrillers.

Spoiler — Evan is not Rhianna, but Evan sings Rhianna!

Maris reads a lot of books and highly recommends — Lorrie Moore AnagramsSelf HelpBirds of AmericaBark.
Evans “Just buy it!” recommendation is Ted Chiang – Story of Your Life