The Verve Pipe “The Freshmen” with Megan Gray

Megan Gray (Artistic Director at Magnet Theater) joins us in the studio to talk about “The Freshmen” by The Verve Pipe. The song came to Megan when her boyfriend Louis gave her a mixtape just before she embarked on a foreign exchange trip way back during her freshman year of high school. You know what that means – we GOTTA talk about mixtapes! We get into the science of ordering the songs and the little drawings we would add to the cassettes. Plus, we show our age and complain about how streaming services have changed the once-sacred ritual.

Mixtapes lead to an exciting conversation about travel and how it helps you see the world in different ways. We talk with Megan about both traveling abroad as an American and showing tourist friends around New York. Megan has a great route for NYC visitors that you should try out when you have someone in town! Plus, as one of the most well-traveled improvisers in the whole dang world, Megan shares her experiences and observations from years of playing improv festivals all across the globe. It’s a border-crossing episode of the show and you even get to hear a kind word or two about that Louis fellow, WHO SHE IS STILL DATING. Wow. Go team.

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