St. Vincent “Cruel” with Sarah Pappalardo

January 26, 2018
Sarah Pappalardo, Evan Barden, and Patrick Cartelli standing on a stage in front of the QED sign.

The hilarious and sharp-witted Sarah Pappalardo (co-founder, co-editor of Reductress) joins us on this LIVE episode of the show to talk about St. Vincent’s song “Cruel.” If you’re not familiar with Sarah or Reductress, she’s basically in charge of the funniest website on the internet, or as they like to say, “the first and only satirical women’s magazine.” Since 2013, they’be been bringing the fire and making everyone laugh while doing it. We talk about how Sarah got into both comedy and music, what life was like for her as a Chicago-to-NYC transplant, and we hear an incredible story about her falling into a canal. We also fawn over how much Annie Clark rules and hear about some of Sarah ambitions for Reductress now that they’ve conquered the internet.

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