Michael Stevens, Patrick Cartelli, and Evan Forde Barden taking a selfie together

Shura “2Shy” with Michael Stevens

This week on Repeater, we talk with comedic performer Michael Stevens (Magnet Theater) about Shura’s “2Shy” and how the song got him through a post break-up year and reminds him to feel his feelings. Michael takes us on a personal journey through his 2018, with setbacks, highlights, and his experiences re-entering the dating world.

We kick off the episode chatting about the songs we’re into right now: “Time” by Jafaris , “1080p” by Sammus and “I Want Love” by Elton John, you remember…the video with with sad Robert Downy Jr. Then, we return to some newsworthy moments from 2018, from the Stormy Daniels scandal to the first woman Doctor in Doctor Who.

In this episode, we explore: crushes, beginnings & endings, and finding yourself all through the lens of the glittery yet sad sounds of “2Shy.” Pat, Evan, and Michael talk journaling, self-improvement, Doctor Who, unrequited love, and more Doctor Who—a lot of Doctor Who.

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