Zelooperz “ISBD” with Erik Garlington (Proper.)

Musician Erik Garlington (Proper.) took our prompt of “a song you always put on a road trip playlist” and turned it on its head! Erik’s song is the wild Zelooperz “ISBD” — a song he loves, but nobody else in the van seems to enjoy quite as much. Payback for all the Korn that gets played? Who can say! There’s a show first of Evan & Pat giving their real-time reactions to this chaotic dolphin-sampled track.

Erik tells us about moving in a military family, how that impacted his self-identity and ultimately inspired his music “thing.” The conversation explores touring and what it’s like doing all that driving, understanding how much malarkey is acceptable in the van, and being on the road with your best friends. He also talks about his approach to forming the band and who he was looking to play music with.

This episode we’re donating to Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. (Or, your local branch!) If you don’t know Planned Parenthood, they’re an incredible organization that provides reproductive healthcare, education, and information.

Keep up with all things Erik on Twitter and Instagram @likerealproper. And don’t forget to buy their music & merch! (Fun fact, Proper. at Saint Vitus was the last show Evan and Pat attended before the pandemic shut down everything!)