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  • Zelooperz “ISBD” with Erik Garlington (Proper.)

    Zelooperz “ISBD” with Erik Garlington (Proper.)

    Musician Erik Garlington (Proper.) took our prompt of “a song you always put on a road trip playlist” and turned it on its head! Erik’s song is the wild Zelooperz “ISBD” — a song he loves, but nobody else in the van seems to enjoy quite as much. Payback for all the Korn that gets…

  • Phil Cook “Great Tide” with Jacob Sharp

    Phil Cook “Great Tide” with Jacob Sharp

    Jacob Sharp (Mipso) returns to the show and joins us in the studio! Jacob talks about Phil Cook’s “Great Tide,” a song that reminds him of friendships and touring, plus, it features killer instrumentation and guitar tone. We hear how Cook and other Wisconsin musicians migrated to the North Carolina Triangle region over a decade…