Hanson “Mmmbop” with Carly Ann Filbin

On this episode, we have comedian and actor CARLY ANN FILBIN to talk with us about Hanson’s smash hit “Mmmbop.” If you’ve never met anyone with an undying love for the band Hanson, strap in.

We kick off the episode by calling out Moviepass for not delivering Carly’s card, which she ordered and paid for months ago! Also, Black Panther. After that, we honestly just talk about Hanson the whole time. Carly is such a huge proponent and we think her enthusiasm will make most people who listen to this episode curious about the band and might even convert a few fans. We discuss why they’re so great, how huge their family is, what “Mmmbop” means, and which brother is Carly’s favorite. She gives you some starting points for getting into Hanson and we hear what it’s like to see Hanson 21 times and how competitive their fanbase can be. It’s a delightful episode and Pat ends it with a very good joke, so you’ll want to listen to the end!