Phil Cook “Great Tide” with Jacob Sharp

February 9, 2018
Pat Cartelli, Jacob Sharp, and Evan Forde Barden posing for a picture in front of a white wall

Jacob Sharp (Mipso) returns to the show and joins us in the studio! Jacob talks about Phil Cook’s “Great Tide,” a song that reminds him of friendships and touring, plus, it features killer instrumentation and guitar tone.

We hear how Cook and other Wisconsin musicians migrated to the North Carolina Triangle region over a decade ago and how their perspective may be different from native southerners like Jacob and his bandmates. Jacob tells of how Mipso came to be, how they’ve evolved musically, what touring life is like, and how all of that has influenced their songs and shows. We also discuss how fun it is, for both artist and audience, to have tours feel like a big group of friends throwing a party.

This episode is the most we’ve ever sounded like we’re on NPR.

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