Patrick Cartelli, Jake Cornell, and Evan Barden all smiling

The Feeling “Sewn” with Jake Cornell

Patrick Cartelli, Jake Cornell, and Evan Barden all smiling

The delightful JAKE CORNELL (UCB, your goddamn dreams) joins Evan and Pat to talk about the song “Sewn” by The Feeling and how it relates to his middle school experience as a closeted teen in rural Vermont. We also discuss the value of straightforward lyrics, what makes a perfect song, and how GPS can ruin an otherwise lovely road trip.

We kick off this episode with Pat and Evan recounting the spectacle of seeing Janelle Monaé in concert last week and Jake shares what he loves about the new Lykke Li album. Jake then talks about discovering The Feeling on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown and finding a connection with the lyrics of not only “Sewn” but The Feeling’s entire first album. The album’s lyrics, written by the then-closeted lead singer, Dan Gillespie Sells, gave Jake something he could deeply relate to at 13. Speaking of song lyrics in general, Jake emphasizes how simple, straightforward songs are often the easiest to connect to.

The hosts talk with Jake about growing up in rural Vermont from the perspective of having previously lived in a suburban area and then ultimately moving to NYC to find his tribe. While in Vermont, Jake didn’t love the Nirvana and Rancid that seemingly all of his classmates were into, and he shares what it was like to discover The Feeling, along with other bands, that he could call his own.

As the episode winds down, Jake recalls a conversation he had with Brady O’Callahan (“Blue Side of the Mountain”) about songs that are perfect because of how they make you feel. We discuss how we use those songs to find people we resonate with and how relationships can be formed by sharing a good song or two (or 30).  Jake shares his feelings on the song “Late Night Ball Game,” which he stumbled upon while watching a commercial, and Evan talks about singing the song “Can I Sleep In Your Arms” for his dad. Finally, Pat describes being interrupted by his GPS while listening to a song he loves and Jake relates to the experience deeply!!

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