UGK ft. OutKast “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” with Johnathan Ross

Pat Cartelli, John Ross, and Evan Forde Barden pointing at the camera in a cheesy fashion.

Actor, improviser, director, and developer Johnathan Ross joins us in the studio this week to discuss UGK’s “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” featuring OutKast.

John describes listening to this song in his white Volvo S70 as he drove back and forth from his academically advanced high school in Georgia. We talk to John about where he grew up and what it was like taking college-level classes at 16 years old. John relates to us what it was like having the “going to college” experience twice and how that affected his eventual four-year college experience. We discover that John has a secret associate’s degree in physics and we complain about learning basics the hard way–whether it’s proving out financial equations on paper or using outdated software to design microchips. Plus, we get into the wonderful world of Java, C++, and Mathlab for all you nerds out there.

We ask John about moving to New York and what drew him to comedy, standup, and, most recently, the world of improv and sketch comedy. Finally, we touch on the southern rap of John’s high school days and what he’s been listening lately.

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