Repeater with Josh and Jacob Sharp

Ryan Adams “Let It Ride” with Josh Sharp & Jacob Sharp

Repeater with Josh and Jacob Sharp

Josh Sharp (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, Jacob’s brother) is on the show to talk about “Let It Ride” by Ryan Adams. Jacob Sharp (Mipso, Josh’s brother) joins Josh to play the cover together! The brothers grew up playing this song together and their take on it is beautiful.

Ever since Josh started getting into music, he felt that cool music helped him somewhat define his identity. Naturally, we talk about Phish, obsessive fan followings, and jam bands in general. Josh also tells us about following around Phish for a summer and paying for it by participating in a medical study.

Josh tells us about getting into comedy and improv at college in Chapel Hill, which leads to talking about musicals and writing musicals in comedy. Plus, we talk about the rise/return of cabaret! We give you recs!

Be sure to check out Mipso’s music and go see them on tour!