Repeater 10/1/17

LIVE – 10/1 – Maris Kreizman + Parrot Dream

Our next live show is coming up on Sunday, October 1st, at 8:30 pm and we’ve got guests Maris Kreizman and indie band Parrot Dream.

Maris is the author of blog-turned-book Slaughterhouse 90210, a super fun mash-up of pop-culture and literature.

Here’s what friggin’ NPR had to say about her book: “A real live cultural argument and an important one, inventively made. It is an argument that works of what we consider high and low culture can not only be appreciated by the same people but can be placed in direct conversation with each other. What Slaughterhouse 90210 does, in a gentle and curious way that distinguishes it utterly from many similarly formatted books, is to push those connections forward. It’s fun and funny, yes, but also surprising, moving, and thoughtful. It’s a book that makes, in many ways, the argument for precisely the kind of work that it is.”

Parrot Dream is a very, perhaps unsurprisingly, dreamy rock group out of NYC who have a lush, laid back sound that we really think everyone will enjoy. They’re originally from Santiago, Chile and found their way to New York a couple years ago, which is a really good thing for music in our fair city. Check out their most recent release, a single called “Jungle,” by clicking here.

We’ll be talking with Maris about Concrete Blonde’s tune “Joey” and hearing it covered by Parrot Dream at the end of the show. The whole thing is going down at Q.E.D. in Astoria, Queens and if you order your tickets ahead of time (only $5), you’ll be entered to win records from HiFi Records & Cafe! Make reservations now: Repeater Tickets!

Listen to “Joey” via the ‘Tube:

Repeater 10/1/17