Frank Ocean “White Ferrari” with Maeve Higgins & Bartees and the Strange Fruit

Maeve Higgins (Maeve in America, Inside Amy Schumer) joins us to talk about Frank Ocean’s understated jam “White Ferrari.” Maeve is from Cobh, Ireland and now resides in NYC, where she’s a stand-up, actor, and podcaster who loves to talk about immigration. “White Ferrari” is a beautifully simple song that is as emotional as it is ambient. Maeve discusses what it’s like to write a book and how this song helped her sit down and turn out pages. She tells us what led her to write it and how having a routine helped her get going.

Maeve talks about her desire to live in New York, shares what it’s like to emigrate to the United States, and we learn some Irish immigration history! This leads us to talk about immigration in America today and get into it. It’s a fun interview that might actually teach you something!

Bartees & The Strange Fruit perform the cover and two original songs. Make sure to check out Bartees’ new album Magic Boy!