Evan Forde Barden, Woody Fu, and Patrick Cartelli taking a selfie

Weezer “Endless Bummer” with Woody Fu

Hold on to your hash pipes, it’s the WEEZER EPISODE!!!

The inedible Woody Fu (Crashing, The Last O.G.) joins us to talk about how Weezer’s “Endless Bummer” got him through 2018, a year that saw the release of Black Panther and an American Royal Wedding.

Spoiler alert, we talk about Weezer—from what we love to the albums we didn’t even know existed. If you’ve ever been a Weezer fan, strap in. If not, we still think you’ll relate.

As if he’s been thinking about it for 20 years, Woody tells us what’s at the core of being a frustrated Weezer fan and we discuss how and why we still partake in our common fandom. You’re probably wondering why, out of all the Weezer songs, did Woody choose this one, from their “white album?” He answers that question and much more. We touch on the story of Weezer’s “Africa” cover, brace ourselves for the “black album,” and ask the important question, “Is Weezer now some kid’s dad’s favorite band?”

We also admit to listening to new Weezer albums solely so that we can have an opinion on them and Woody shares some lowlights and highlights of the past year!

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