Lauryn Hill “Mystery of Iniquity” with Kerry Coddett & Attia Taylor

August 3, 2018
Kerry Coddett headshot next to photo of Evan Barden, Attia Taylor, and Patrick Cartelli

This week on Repeater we have a LIVE EPISODE featuring Kerry Coddett (Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas) on the show to talk about Lauryn Hill’s poetic masterpiece “Mystery of Iniquity.” Attia Taylor of the band Strange Parts joins us to play a solo set featuring a cover of the Lauryn Hill tune!

Kerry tells us about how this song and album coincided with her involvement in local activism while in high school. We discuss the underrated glory of Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged album and about how Lauryn—with her commentary on social issues, political matter, and mental health—was way ahead of her time. This leads us to talking about Kerry’s background in activism, entrepreneurship, life as a Rastafari, and her spoken word poetry.

With the incredible variety of experiences and pursuits Kerry has had in her short life, we can’t help but discuss how those influences have mingled together today. We talk about how Kerry’s activism plays into writing for Problem Areas and what is the place of politics in comedy. Kerry gets real about police brutality and we ask, as people without a TV show, what can we possibly do about this hugely important issue?

And as per usual, this episode asks an important question that may be without an answer: “Why is Jesus so shredded?”

Check out Attia’s cover here:

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