Rufus & Chaka Khan “Ain’t Nobody” with Lauren Ashley Smith & Mikki Hommel

May 4, 2018
Pat Cartelli Mikki Hommel Lauren Ashley Smith and Evan Barden at QED in Astoria

Lauren Ashley Smith, head writer on The Rundown with Robin Thede, joins us on this LIVE edition of the show to talk about “Ain’t Nobody” by Rufus & Chaka Khan. We are also joined by one of our favorite musical guests, Mikki Hommel, who not only covers “Ain’t Nobody” beautifully, but she also debuts a brand-new original track and improvises a song based on suggestions from the audience. WOW.

Raised on a healthy diet of gospel and RENT, Lauren is something of a latecomer to the world of popular music, which means that she’s discovered a lot of music thanks to her wife! On the topic of LTRs, one thing Lauren really appreciates about “Ain’t Nobody” is that it’s a song about the middle of a relationship, rather than the beginning or end, and we discuss how rare that tends to be in music and art in general. We hear all about her meet-cute with her wife and we talk about the importance of personal music recommendations over curated or computer-driven playlists. As a tv writer and reality-television lover, we also talk with Lauren about living a life flooded with pop culture, working in television, and why Vanderpump Rules is the best reality series ever.

Keep up with Lauren on Instagram and Twitter @msLAS.

Check out Mikki’s website for dates and listen to her music on Spotify.

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