Our Favorite 2018 Tracks So Far!

2018 is off to a strong start with new music, with a number of contenders for our year end list, but that’s so far away! Here are our top songs for 2018 so far:

Jeff Rosenstock – “USA”

Jeff is back baby! “USA” is an energetic song that captures how confusing 2017 was and the unknowns of where we’re going. The feeling of exhaustion slowly builds through noise, drums, and a lo-fi keyboard, to a crescendo of emotion reminiscent of Network.

Khalid & Swae Lee – “The Ways”

This lil bop from the Black Panther soundtrack is a laid-back standout on an otherwise dark and hard-hitting album. True-to-form for Khalid, this track works equally well if your bumping it at this beach this summer or find yourself unexpected dancing to it at a bar in the city. Hopefully both!

Superchunk—”Lost My Brain”

I’m mad I hadn’t listened to Superchunk before this album! I’m an idiot! Lost My Brain has a lot going for it in 1:36. Everything from the guitar feedback—a classic cool move that I genuinely love—that incredible punch of the guitar, and Jon Wurster’s driving drums, this song is raw energy with nothing extraneous about it.

Janelle Monáe—”Make Me Feel”

“Make Me Feel” is a song that delivers on so many levels. It’s a feel-good bop that’s fun to dance to and the video is beautifully vibrant. It’s also following in the footsteps of Prince’s “Kiss”, and we are here for it! The best part in our opinion? That delightful key change in the chorus.

Screaming Females—”Agnes Martin”

“Agnes Martin” is an incredibly fuzzy guitar rock song with an opening riff that rivals Black Sabbath. I find myself nodding along to the riff as it carries the song which eventually gains an organ that gives it a classic rock vibe. The song ends with the guitar highlighting the metal-as-hell chorus of “The Sun destroys me.”

Black & Blonde—”I’ll Never Sleep Here Again”

“I’ll Never Sleep Here Again” is a song that’s clear about taking self-reflection seriously and the emotion that brings along with it. This song is relaxing and fits the new york winter vibe. A perfect song to use as your soundtrack for wandering to wherever it is that you’re going. If you like what you hear, they’ll be playing live at our show on 3/18!

Camp Cope—”The Opener”

“The Opener” sets the tone for Camp Cope’s second album *How to Socialise & Make Friends*. We enjoy how the walking bassline leads the song while it covers a wide variety of experiences. The vocals on the song are powerful and explicitly call out the bullshit of the patriarchy.

“Weird Al” Yankovic—’The Hamilton Polka’

Weird Al’s polka medley of Hamliton is an unexpected treat. If you’re not familiar, the polka medleys aren’t the parodys that Al is known for, but they’re equally as fun. This one is a delight! If you haven’t listened to Hamliton by I’m not sure what to tell you… Just go listen!