Every Time I Die “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space” with Amir Khan

This week on Repeater, comedian Amir Khan (Honey Baby Sweetie Love, UCB) is on the show to talk Every Time I Die's "Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space." A song with a serious title! Finally!!

Amir tells us what he loves about this song, how he discovered Every Time I Die in the first place, and why he's seen them live a ton! Pat, shockingly, is very excited to talk about all things heavy and loud. We explore what you'd think a band called "Every Time I Die" sounds like versus their actual sound. That leads the group to discuss the allure of heavy music and the varieties available under that umbrella. Plus! Hear Pat's theory of "death metal is on the same spectrum as ambient music." How exciting!

This season, we're donating $$ to the cause of our guest's choice! Amir's charity of choice is the Florida Immigrant Coalition. This Florida-based coalition of 65 organizations works towards the fair treatment of all people, including immigrants. They provide resources to help people go to college, know their rights, and gain citizenship. Please join us in donating to this wonderful organization if you can! Otherwise help us spread their message!

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Lil Wayne “Mrs. Officer” with Kelley Quinn

Today on the internet! Writer, comedian, and Missy Elliot superfan Kelley Quinn (Straight Marriage, Eating Shit and Loving It) is here to talk about Lil Wayne's "Mrs. Officer," a song that Wikipedia says, "goes so far as to reference the famous rap song 'Fuck tha Police' (though in a literal sense)." Kelley tells us why she's been thinking of Lil Wayne recently and shares a story of self-realization en route to a Rilo Kiley show. We discuss whether or not "Mrs. Officer" would be released in 2021 and Kelley sparks a lovely socialist dialogue about defunding the police, abolishing prisons, and medicare for all.

This season, we're donating $$ to the cause of our guest's choice! Kelley is a passionate supporter of the NYC-DSA's Racial Justice working group and their Defund NYPD Campaign. The NYPD's $10 Billion budget is more than the Departments of Health, Homeless Services, Housing Preservation and Development, and Youth and Community Development combined. It is the largest police department budget in the country. The goal of defunding this department is to reinvest those direly needed funds back into our communities. Join us in donating to the Defund the NYPD Campaign if you're able to! Do some reading on your own and talk to your friends and family. https://www.defundnypd.com/

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Marvin Gaye “Turn On Some Music” with Devin Gant

Welcome to Season 4 of Repeater! After a deep hibernation and a few bunker episodes early on in the 2020 pandemic, the boys are back in town with actor and writer Devin Gant (Young Douglas, I Ruined My Childhood). Devin brings with him a masterpiece in Marvin Gaye's "Turn On Some Music" and the whole team dives deep right from the jump. If you're curious about R&B, boogie, blue-eyed soul, country music, or what makes Long Island punk a thing, this is the jam. Devin shares about his musical journey both in childhood and adulthood and reveals the legend of Logg.

The perfect companion pieces for this episode are two mixes created by Dev himself: AlphaMix Volume 1 and AlphaMix Volume 2, available on Spotify.

Starting this season, we're donating to the cause of our guest's choice! Devin introduced us to the charity Education Through Music. This incredible organization helps to provide music education to 50+ schools and nearly 18,000 students. Join us in donating to Education Through Music if you're able to!

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Pandemic Ed. 003 – Ali Gordon talks Elaine Stritch & Sondheim

From the depths of Pandemic 2020, the Repeater fellas sit down with Ali Gordon (UCB, SECOND BEST: A D&D Adventure) to talk about Elaine Stritch's iconic performance of "I'm Still Here" from Stephen Sondheim's 80th Birthday Concert. With a background in musical theater, Ali educates the boys on several touchstones of Broadway, including the lasting appeal of Sondheim. They also talk about Judy Kuhn's performance of "Vanilla Ice Cream" from She Loves Me and Michael Jeter's performance of "Let's Raise A Glass" from Grand Hotel, which are similarly delightful. Ali doubts her taste in music, but you will learn she has excellent taste, especially if you also happen to enjoy Phish. If you love musical theater or live performance in general, you will deeply relate to this conversation.

Follow Ali on Twitter & Instagram @msalicenutting, visit her website, and check out her recently-wrapped podcast Second Best: A D&D Adventure wherever you get your pods. Like Ali, it is both hilarious and wonderful.

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Elaine Stritch performs "I'm Still Here"
Judy Kuhn performs "Vanilla Ice Cream" and more
Michael Jeter performs "Let's Raise A Glass"


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    Evan Forde Barden is a writer, actor, and former garage band king living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Originally from Massachusetts, Evan moved to NYC in 2010, where he met Pat and stopped playing music. When he’s not hosting Repeater, Evan makes sketch comedy with Young Douglas. He loves dancing, vegan treats, and NBA basketball. He has never worn a shirt.

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